Ljutenica (with red pepper pieces)

Our coarse ground ljutenica is with unique taste.
This is owing to red peppers and the eggplant which are with Bulgarian roots and grown in Upper Thracian Plain

With the contents of pieces of red pepper and eggplant and made from old Bulgarian traditions, the ljutenica that you are going to taste, will become your favourite.

The technologies that “Evrodelikates Ltd” is using are on very high level and that’s made our ljutenica so delicious.

Ingredients: Pieces of roasted red peppers, grind roasted eggplant, tomato puree, sunflower oil, salt, sugar, black pepper and cumin.

5 kg./ 11,02 lbs / 176,38 oz metal can with net weight 4,2 kg./ 9,26 lbs / 148 oz applicable for catering, restaurants or you can simply insert the content in glass jars and boil them for home use.

0,5 kg./ 1,1 lbs / 17,63 glass jar